Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Serial Killers (1994)

Nick Bougas

Runtime: 90 min

"The true stories of modern history's most notorious serial killers. This horrifying account of their vicious crime sprees will shock the most callous viewer. The chilling profiles of compulsive killers include:

Richard Ramirez - He raped, mutiliated and tortured his victims during a two year rampage.

Jeffrey Dahmer - The real life cannibal who amasses the body parts of more than 15 victims.

Henry Lee Lucas - The diabolical killer who chose his victims at random, leaving as many as 30 dead.

John Wayne Gacy - His cellar was a mass graveyard filled with the remains of young victims.

David Berkowitz - The "Son of Sam" killer.

Kenneth Bianchi - The "Hillside Strangler".

Also included in this rogues galley of serial killers are Charles Starkweather, Ted Bundy, Otis O'Toole, and even Jack the Ripper. This extensively researched history of crime and violence offers an unforgettably gripping account of a horrifying odyssey of death."



Jorge A. Trejos I. said...

haven't seen this!!!! is appreciate that lately you had been uploading all the files to megaupload!!!!

100 thumps up!!!!! you rock!!!!

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