Monday, April 11, 2011

Dianetics - A Visual Guidebook To The Mind

Runtime: 40 min

Jako zanimljiva teorija Sajentološke Crkve da su sve naše iracionalne akcije zbog kojih se kasnije kajemo, zapravo posledica negativnih iskustava iz prošlosti, i da se putem jednostavnih metoda Dianetike L. Ron Hubbarda, čovek može skroz osloboditi tih duhova prošlosti. Dakle, ovo je full propagandni film gde nam sajentolozi nude svoja rešenja za probleme zbog kojih obično pohodimo psihijatre.

"In Dianetics: A Visual Guide to the Mind, you learn how Dianetics procedures help you reduce your stress, boost your personal power and reach your goals. You learn about the hidden part of your mind that causes you trouble and how to remove its influence over you. Dianetics: A Visual Guide to the Mind outlines the principles behind Dianetics in a simple, easy-to-use presentation. In less than an hour, you learn how to use Dianetics. By using the procedures with a partner, you soon feel the joy and relief from resolving a personal problem.

In this presentation, you will learn:

* Why your emotions and feelings control you despite your better judgement
* How the mind solves problems
* Why the mind makes mistakes 
* How safe and simple it is to improve your mental power
* The 10-step procedure for resolving negative emotions and feelings 
* Why you feel joy and relief after receiving Dianetics

You also see a demonstration of one person using the 10-step procedure on another so you can use it yourself"



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot..very interesting film.
Cheers Dan.

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