Saturday, April 9, 2011

Live in New York: Agnostic Front, Sick of It All, Gorilla Biscuits (1992)

George Seminara

Runtime: 58 min

Pored intervjua sa članovima sva tri benda plus još nekim bitnim likovima sa njujorške scene, ovde imamo prilike da vidimo i delove njihovog zajedničkog koncerta iz '91, i to je vaistinu prajsles materijal. Inače Sick Of It All iskreno nikad nisam voleo osim par tih pesmica poput Just Look Around i Injustice System, Agnostic Front mi je vazda bio simpatičan, a naravno Gorilla je tu oličenje HCpunk zvuka the way it was, mada se naravno neće svi složiti, ali to tako ide i to je normalno, u svakom slučaju lepo je videti sve ove bendove uživo back in the days i to na odličnom snimku.


"The full title on this VHS only release is LIVE IN NYC: Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Gorilla Biscuits. Shot in 1991 this video runs like an interview style documentary interspersed with incredible segments from this legendary one time concert. Each band is represented in this doc with the addition of Jimmy Gestapo, Harley Flannigan, and Paris Mayhew (Murphy's Law/Cro-Mags), who add a touch of humor to the film. Each seminal band is interviewed about the birth and reason for the hardcore scene in the late 80's. A really great flick that combines incredible performances with classic interviews! Along with the great interviews comes an awesome selection of songs from these seminal hardcore bands."

***For you Gorilla Biscuits fans this is the only place to get their unreleased song "Distance" that was supposed to be released on their 2nd album. They broke up before the album was made. It's such a tease for what could have been another classic hardcore album.

"Clobberin' Time"-SOIA
"Pay the Price"-SOIA
"G.I. Joe Headstomp"-SOIA
"Victim In Pain"-AF
"Public Assistance"-AF
"What's Goin' On"-SOIA
"Hold Your Ground"-GB
"Start Today"-GB
"Injustice System"-SOIA
"Blind Justice"-AF



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