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John Waters DVD Scrapbook (1946-2000)

Za mog jaru Collapsa koji mi reko za Watersa. Fala jaro, moj jarane, SIN ti to nikad zaboravit neće. :)

"Approx. 333 mins total, John Waters' home movies, John Waters' audio interviews with Divine and Edith Massey, video interviews with Waters' friends and associates (including Peter Koper, Pat Moran, Sue Lowe, Morris Martick, Steve Yeager, Liz Renay, Dennis Dermody, Vincent Peranio, Rachel Talalay, Brook Yeaton and Bob Adams), outtakes from Waters' unfinished film Dorothy, The Kansas City Pot Head, theatrical trailers (for Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Polyester, Hairspray and Pecker), behind-the-scenes footage, rehearsals and interviews from Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble (from Steve Yeager's Film and Audio Archives), deleted scene from Female Trouble, the Love Letter to Edie documentary, the Take Off TV documentary, the Local Boston TV documentary, the Below San Francisco TV interview, the Get To Know… Baltimore TV news interview, an original Hairspray featurette, video interviews with original Buddy Deane Show dancers Linda and Gene Snyder, the Hairspray Reunion from The Ricki Lake Show, The Making of Pecker featurette, the Sundance Channel's Conversations in World Cinema episode with John Waters, animated film-themed menu screens with sound, and many more."

-1946 - John Waters' home movies (1:28)
-1950 - John Waters' home movies (0:48)
-1960-1988 - John Waters Interviews Divine and Edith Massey (2:04:43) (mp3 audio, 192 kbps) - This sounds like material to be used for Shock Value, which includes an interview with Divine. Very informal, which is nice; at some points you really feel like a fly on the wall listening to two old friends talk about the old days. I haven't relistened to all of this, so there may be some surprises as to content, but I've sampled bits throughout and there shouldn't be any issue with quality.
-1964 - The Beginnings of Dreamland Part 1 (3:30) - An interview with Peter Koper recounting the very early meetings of the group.
-1968 - from Dorothy, the Kansas City Pothead (1:15) - Silent footage from the aborted project.
-1968 - The Maelcum Soul Story (13:04) - Friends remember an important early Dreamlander who died at 27. Features an interview with Pat Moran, who reveals herself as almost as entertaining a talker as JW himself. ("The woman ate chalk, for God's sake!")
-1970 - The Beginnings of Dreamland Part 2 (3:51) - Another great talker, Susan Lowe, remembers the late '60's.
-1972 - Pink Flamingos Behind the Scenes: No Shit! (1:04) - Steve Yeager's behind-the-scenes footage (with sound!) of the Pink Flamingos crew waiting around for Pat Moran's dog to take a shit. Did any of these people know it would probably be the most important day of their lives?
-1972 - Pink Flamingos Trailer (2:18)
-1973 - Steve Yeager Talks About Documenting the Making of Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble (4:51)
-1974 - Behind the Scenes: David Lochary (3:01) - An incongruously serious David Lochary talks (apparently during the filming of Female Trouble) about acting in film vs. theatre.
-1974 - Behind the Scenes: Pat Moran (2:28) - A much younger (but looking older!) Pat Moran talks about working for JW.
-1974 - Behind the Scenes: Van Smith (2:27) - The "ugly expert" discusses his craft.
-1974 - Female Trouble Deleted Scene: Dawn's Hair (2:14) - Black and white. A good choice to leave on the editing room floor, but with some funny dialogue between Dawn and her parents on Christmas Eve.
-1974 - Female Trouble Trailer (2:23)
-1974 - Liz Renay: Streaking Hollywood (4:23) - The late, great Liz Renay almost hyperventilates as she recounts her (in)famous LA streak.
-1975 - Criminals and Celebrity (4:12) - Close JW friend, great movie critic, and erstwhile nanny for Willem Dafoe's kids (really!) Dennis Dermody talks about JW's obsession with crime.
-1976 - Love Letter to Edie (Robert Maier, dir.) (14:15) - A wonderful short film about the wonderful Edith Massey. She talks about and reenacts scenes from her colorful life as a b-girl, madam, barmaid, actress, and thrift-store owner.
-1976 - Peter Koper on Edie (2:32)
-1977 - Desperate Living Trailer (2:16)
-1977 - The Making of Desperate Living (10:23) - Liz Renay, Peter Koper, and Susan Lowe reminisce.
-1977 - Vincent Peranio on Desperate Living's Production Design (8:36) - The brilliant production designer on all Waters' films shares photos and memories of Desperate Living and other movies.

-1981 - Polyester Trailer (2:27)
-1981 - Take Off - Local News Show with JW and Divine (7:53) - John and Divine talk about their careers, and John takes us on a tour of Baltimore, ending up at Edith Massey's thrift shop!
-1981 - The Making of Polyester (6:52) - PA-turned-producer Rachel Talalay remembers her first experiences in Dreamland, and Peter Koper talks about Odorama.
-1983 - Hellfire (5:27) - Peter Koper talks about New York's infamous Hellfire Club, where he and some of the Waters crowd hung out in the early '80's.
-1984 - Local Boston TV Broadcast (4:25) - Features interviews with JW, Mink Stole, and Divine.
-1986 - Below San Francisco - SF Public Access (5:02) - Funny one-on-one interview of JW by an increasingly irritating (but sympathetic) host.
-1986 - John's 40th Birthday (1:09) - Susan Lowe (kind of) remembers the party.
-1987 - Get to Know with Denise Koch - Local Baltimore TV (6:12) - A local reporter gets a tour of JW's apartment, and we get to try and read the titles of the books on his shelves. (Who knew he was a fan of John Irving?)
-1988 - Buddy Deane (2:37) - Two former teen dancers remember the show that inspired Hairspray.
-1988 - Divine in Memoriam (8:26) - Dennis Dermody (hysterically), Susan Lowe (charmingly) and Brook Yeaton (movingly) remember Divine.
-1988 - Hairspray Featurette (6:40) - Fun EPK with lots of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.
-1988 - Hairspray Trailer (2:23)
-1988 - Rachel Talalay on Hairspray (4:07) - Rachel picks up the saga of her rise to power in Dreamland.
-1988 - Vincent Peranio on Hairspray's Production Design (4:06) - Lots of neat design sketches in this one.
-1989 - Close Circle of Friends (1:56) - Bob Adams on the clannishness of the Waters group.
-1989 - Cookie (13:23) - Susan Lowe, Dennis Dermody and Peter Koper remember the great Cookie Mueller, who died of AIDS in 1989.
-1989 - EXTRA SUPER DUPER SPECIAL MINGEALICIOUS BONUS!!! - A pdf of Cookie's book, Walking Through Clear Water In a Pool Painted Black, featuring her versions of various stories told in the above featurette. This is NOT on the DVD, but a special treat from me to you.
-1993 - Season's Greetings (3:12) - Dennis Dermody, the Ghost of John Waters' Christmases Past.
-1994 - Ricki Lake Show - Hairspray Reunion (4:16) - Ricki, John, Jerry Stiller, Ruth Brown, and Michael St. Gerard on Ricki's show.
-1999 - Pecker Trailer (2:20)
-1999 - The Making of Pecker (5:05) - Patty Hearst, John Waters, Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci, Mary Kay Place interviewed on the set.
-2000 - Conversations in World Cinema - Sundance Channel (20:08) - Richard Pena from The Film Society of Lincoln Center interviews JW about his career, influences, and the (then-)current film industry.



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