Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You See Me Laughin' (2002)

Mandy Stein

Runtime: 68 min

"This documentary is a must-see for blues fans world-wide. It features many blues artists who would remain virtually unknown outside of their rural areas were it not for the efforts of the good folks at Fat Possum Records. The artists featured include D.L. Burnside, T-model Ford, Asie Payton and others. Pop stars Bono and Iggy Pop make comments about the artists and the genre. This documentary clearly shows that the blues musicians featured have truly "paid their dues". Unfortunately some of them have since passed away. This well-produced documentary keeps their music alive for others to appreciate."




Dejan Dbk said...

kad si već krenuo s muzičkim dokumentarcima, evo dvije preporuke;


iskreno, meni kao fanu southern gothica i jedna i druga priča su malo nedorečene, al dovoljno dobre da se ubere duh lokacije i povuku paralele s ruralnom ex-Yu.
Pogledaj svakako.

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