Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stereotipovi - Seks so Zamislen Protivnik (1999)

Okultni makedonski eksperimentalni pank bend iz Velesa. Njihov prvi album. Full.

"Stereotipovi is a band from Veles,Republic of Macedonia originally formed as a back up band for the undergroung poet/artist/exibitionist Igor Krstev and since 1997 has revolved into a 5 man band: Igor Krstev-Vocals, Danco Bosilkov - guitar ,Robert Trajkov - Bass,Dimce Panov - drums and Pere Gudzov - electronic gadgets.Often are accopmanied by other people on stage by their own wish,so the sound is very frequently changing and is very hard to put in any category."


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