Monday, May 2, 2011

Od Vratot Nadolu - Mercury (2010)

FUCK YOGA presents !

FY#32/33 OD VRATOT NADOLU - "mercury" LP//CD

- Depraved, sad and angry mutant hardcore from Macedonia. OD VRATOT NADOLU have crafted this album with primal urgency, yet delicate skills. The style is unorthodox and focused, the content is violent and state-altering resulting with a morbidly vivid cinematic-like experience. This record would appeal to freaks into "desire for agony", "the aftermath", "laid insignificant".

You can download "Videodrom" and "Seriozen Delirium".

Vinyl is pressed in 400 black and 100 clear copies. The LP costs 10 euros, the CD costs 5 euros. This album is co-released with SUPERFI and INSULIN ADDICTED.


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