Friday, May 27, 2011

Motherpig - Insomnia SINGL (2011)

"Motherpig. Bend koji već 2 godine funkcionira na relaciji Sarajevo-Županja. Iza sebe ima već popriličan broj nastupa kako u inozemstvu (1 europska turneja), tako i na domaćim prostorima. Snimljen je, isproduciran i poslan za štampu novi materijal, tj. materijal za prvi službeni cjelovečernji album "Nojev let" nazvan simbolično po jednoj od epizoda strip serije Dylan Dog. Ova stvarka je izabrana kao prvi singl sa tog albuma, te dio uvida u još veću priču koja se krije iza ovog albuma. Više informacija o bendu, te nadolazećem albumu na dole priloženim linkovima."

"Insomnija" is first single off the Motherpig's debut album "Nojev Let". "Nojev Let" will be released in May/early June 2011 on CD by Beyond The Sun Records. You've probably had a chance to hear promo track (unmastered version) of the song here on Bandcamp, on Myspace and Facebook, but know it's completely finished and this is the real deal.

Track tells the story about those sleepless nights when decisions you make and actions you take just take the sleep away from you. They might be good, they might be bad, but no one can judge you - only you know the feeling of pride or guilt which nests inside of your mind.

Atlija Hun, Motherpig's guitar player wrote the music, and as he said, it might sound different, but he was inspired by music of Little Richard and Death Breath. And he wrote awesome lyrics for this one, too. But the English translation will be available soon on our website and on demand via e-mail.

Why we've picked this one? Don't really know, it doesn't represent the complete picture of album's sound, but it is fun to play and it's the first one written for the album, so it's probably a good one for the start. There are no similar tracks on our upcoming album. This one is thrashy, dirty and fast as fuck. The rest will be a complete surprise.

As for the mixing, engineering and recording of the track (and the whole album), our long-time friend and no-time fan Mirza Šišić dealt with it and he succeeded in incorporating influences from all around the world because we've begged for it - dirty South American thrash, harsh Japanese 80's sound, bulldozing kind-a-Nyctophobic-grindish wall of sound. We're proud. We love it. You'll learn to love it. This track (and the rest of the album) was supremely mastered by Adnan Dado Mušanović.


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