Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark Side of Everest (2003)

Kako i sam prezirem da gledam dokumentarce on-line, sa jutjuba i sličnih sajtova, potrudio sam se da nabavim regularan AVI fajl i za ovaj vanserijski rad, te ga evo. Dakle, jeziva priča, must see !

"For some mountaineers, the top of the world also represents the peak of human ambition. But when things go badly high on Everest, as they will sooner or later, difficult moral dilemmas play out in dramatic fashion on a global stage. National Geographic Channels International takes viewers to The Dark Side of Everest through the eyes and minds of those who've struggled with the mountain's powerful and potentially fatal allure. Everest veterans discuss how the mountain's hostile environment can affect the human values of those who dare to challenge its heights."



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The Dark Side of Everest (2003) - NEW SINGLE RS LINK!

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