Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Tomorrow's Parties (2009)

Jonathan Caouette

Runtime: 82 min

"Have you ever wondered what summer camp with Nick Cave, Daniel Johnston, and Iggy Pop would feel like? This stunning documentary should give you some idea, conjuring a glorious kaleidoscope of the bonfires, drunken hedonism, make out sessions, and music, music, music found at an All Tomorrow's Parties event.

Made from Super8, camcorder and mobile phone footage contributed by filmmakers, fans and musicians over the festival¹s recent history, with key contributions from co-director Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) and cinematographer Vincent Moon (The Take Away Shows, Arcade Fire's Miroir Noir), it captures the uncompromising spirit of a parallel music universe."


Belle And Sebastian / Grizzly Bear / Sonic Youth / Battles / Portishead / Daniel Johnston / Grinderman / Lightning Bolt / David Cross / Animal Collective / The Boredoms / Les Savy Fav / Mogwai / Octopus Project / Slint / The Dirty Three / the Yeah Yeah Yeahs / the Gossip / GZA / Roscoe Mitchell/ Seasick Steve / Iggy and the Stooges / A Hawk and a Hacksaw / Fuck Buttons/ Micah P Hinson / Two Gallants / Mars Volta / Akron/Family / Jah Shaka /Saul Williams / Shellac / Patti Smith / John Cooper Clark

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