Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NOFX - The Longest Line (1992) EP

Ubedljivo najjači EP NOFX-a, i to iz one rane, najkvalitetnije faze 90-ih. Na EP-u se nalazi i sigurno jedna od najznačajnijih pesmica ovog benda, The Death of John Smith, koja je jedna od retkih njihovih numera sa skroz ozbiljnom lirikom, uostalom, procenite sami, dakle mnogo jak tekst koji je pokazao da NOFX nisu isključivo zajebantsko-prozivački bend, već da umeju da se pozabave i socijalnim temama. Takođe, tu je i naslovna numera koja je himna za sebe. Enjoy!

I've got respect from the community
I've got my bridge game to look forward to
I've got this chance, a golden opportunity
As long as I keep doing what I'm supposed to

You see my wife and kids, they depend on me
To provide them with nothing but the best
I feel it's my duty, my obligation
To live up to the standards society suggusts

So I'll keep on working for their benefit
And I'll keep on drinking
I'll keep on believing, keep on believing in my life

Another day of slaving and smiling, buying and trading
Living the life of a wealthy man
But somehow I don't feel so rich inside
But that doesn't make sense
I just had this little vacation
As soon as I get this operation
Taken care of, I'll start enjoying
The good things in life

So I'll keep on working for the benefits
And I'll keep on drinking
I'll keep believing in my life

When the pity spins your mind
Darkness fills your heart
And I won't be around
When you're feeling all alone
Then you'll know it's time
To go into the ground
When the pity spins your mind
Darkness fills your heart
And I won't be around

I've got my family, friends, and associates
To stand by me as the threshold comes near
Within their faces I see grave concern
As I ask myself if their thoughts are sincere

After all these years of being complacent
What do I get? Tenderness, affection, a true sense of love?
No! Just a pain through a body chalk full of regret

I'll keep on believing my life still has value
And I'll keep on laughing
Why can't I stop laughing?
I can't stop the laughing...

01. The Death Of John Smith
02. The Longest Line
03. Stranded
04. Remnants
05. Kill All The White Man


Anonymous said...

Ima li boljeg benda od NOFX-a? NE! A najbolji album, onaj koji slijedi poslije ovog EP-a, 'White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean'.

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