Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jesus Christus Erlöser (2008)

Peter Geyer

Nastup Klausa Kinskog u Deutschlandhalle, u Berlinu, 20. novembra 1971. godine. Delove ovog ludila gledali smo u dokumentarcu Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski (1999), ali to su samo fragmenti izvučeni iz konteksta.

Kinski nam u ovom monologu predstavlja drugačijeg Isusa, pravog Isusa, Isusa spasioca klošara, narkomana, kriminalaca, robijaša, osuđenika na smrt, prostitutki, cigana, siročadi, revolucionara, nezaposlenih, zlostavljanih, razočaranih, jednom rečju odbačenih. Pojedinci iz publike ga provociraju, podjebavaju, kreće prozivka, padaju teške reči, Kinski nekoliko puta prekida nastup, atmosfera je na ivici incidenta. Kinski je ovde skroz u svom elementu iako to možda na prvi pogled tako ne izgleda. (83 min)


"The film “Jesus Christ Saviour” by Peter Geyer shows the nightlong struggle of an actor to get to speak his lines. The performance in Berlin's Deutschlandhalle was to be the start of a planned worldwide tour. The intro features the posters all over town, the audience streaming in, full of expectations, and the police overseeing their entry.

When Kinski appears, his voice quiet but intense as he recites his first lines in the form of a ‘wanted poster' (“Wanted: Jesus Christ”), it takes all of five minutes before the first interruptions start. Kinski reacts – he appends his line “he never wears a uniform” with “ and doesn't have a big mouth ” directed to the heckler - and the first commotion begins.

There is resistance against the Kinski sermon, doubt as to his authority to embody Jesus. Scattered and derisive remarks can be heard throughout the audience (“He already made his millions from the movies”). Very few of the 3000-5000 spectators have come to listen to him. They want to provoke him, to discuss with him and to bring a street fight into the hall. They cannot tolerate someone standing on stage and proclaiming “eternal truths”. They merely perceive the artist as some self-proclaimed leader or messiah."



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