Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovable (2007)

Alan Zweig

Od autora prejakog dokumentarca Vinyl (2000) , evo najnovijeg rada, gde Zweig intervjuiše žene koje su ostale neudate, da mu odgovore na pitanje kako su se i zašto odlučile da nemaju decu, da nemaju partnera itd. da li je to namerno, ili se eto tako desilo, ispostavilo, sudbina and shit. Usput nam potura i svoju priču pošto je i sam singl. Žao mi što ovih dana nemam reči, pa samim tim ni rečenica, da bolje opišem ovaj dokumentarac jer on to svakako zaslužuje. (101 min)


"At some point, everyone has asked the question, why is it so hard to find love? In this final installment of the autobiographical trilogy that includes Vinyl and I, Curmudgeon, Alan Zweig reflects with disarming candour on why, if he longs for a partner and children, he is still single at mid-life. Through intimate, heartfelt and often hilarious interviews with a series of diverse, smart and attractive single women, Zweig explores yearnings for the romantic myths of our culture and the difficulty of finding and sustaining relationships. Some women have come to accept and prefer being alone, but many still dream of a future they can share. Rather than remaining the objective observer, Zweig approaches his female subjects as kindred spirits, sharing their vulnerability and openness. A perfect mixed tape of love songs provides the backdrop for this courageously candid look at love and longing."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I have been after this for ages. Love Alan Zweig magic mirror.

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