Thursday, March 11, 2010

Radio Werewolf - The Fiery Summons (1989)

Evo nečega samo za ljubitelje ranog Laibacha zaključno sa Macbethom, a sa posebnim osvrtom na Slovensku Akropolu, mada i Danzigova Crna Arija je na toj liniji, s'tim što je ovo otvoreno gnostički bend, pa tako u poslednjoj pesmi (Hymn to The Fifth Angel) možemo da čujemo i ritualno prizivanje Abraxasa, a ima i drugih invokacija.

01. Voice Of Terror
02. Incubus
03. The Night
04. From Hell
05. The Fiery Summons
06. Walpurgisnacht
07. March Of The Werewolf Order
08. Hymn Of The Fifth Angel (B33920)



Anonymous said...

Bogami, ovi su bili i malo naci:

son of man said...

Evo sta je Schreck rekao povodom takvih optuzbi :

“As there has been so much unfounded and misinformed controversy over Radio Werewolf’s supposed ‘political beliefs’ allow this statement to clearly present our personal opinion. Radio Werewolf is against all forms of politics, left, right, or middle. Politics has absolutely nothing to do with our music! Politics is the concern of the small-minded masses, who cannot see the greater artistic picture we present. Politics of any kind we find boring, monotonous, and totally lacking in importance. We are against all forms of mass control, censorship, mindless conformism, economic and banking exploitation (which is the root of all politics). Our vision of human potential goes much higher than the restrictions of social and political issues can ever hope to contain. Our only social concern is for the welfare of the environment, threatened by capitalist corporations. The world of money, politics, ideology, seems meaningless to us compared to the disastrous environmental situation our planet is in, as well as the endangerment and extinction of millions of animal species by a truly destructive humanity. We consider ourselves artists first and foremost, and refuse the glib name-calling and rumor-mongering sensationalism the so-called ‘media’ has used to sell magazines at our expense.”

Anonymous said...

Jel imas nesto iz perioda od 84-88?

son of man said...

Nemam, nema nigde na netu jebiga.

Anonymous said...

znam prevrnuo sam sve, al verovatno moz da se nadje preko soulseek-a ali to se ne usudjujem da instaliram jer bi mi isisao svu energiju na trazenje prastarih bendova, ako iskopam nesto javicu ti

Unknown said...

Hvala sto si nakacio ove albume, nije ih lako naci a pogotovu one iz ranih osamdesetih....
I nisam mogao da verujem kad sam video ovaj klip,
Radio Werewolf svira na Barmicvi u filmu Mortuary Academy...

son of man said...

Ma Schreck je faca samo takva, mnogo jak lik sa stavom.

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