Monday, February 8, 2010

Inside Straight Edge (2007)

"Youth can be a minefield: drugs, sex, violence, and peer pressure. One group has an extreme way of dealing with it. They call themselves Straight Edge, and while they are being classified as a violent gang in areas such as Salt Lake City and Reno, they aren't like any other gang you know: they reject drugs, drinking, smoking, and even casual sex. They're rebels against a society in which everything goes. National Geographic goes inside this growing youth movement caught between being a refuge for Americas kids and a dangerous gang wanted by authorities." (49 min)

Download (swedish sub hardcoded) :

Pass : abraxas365


Anonymous said...

ovo da su swedish sub hardcoded verovatno znači da bleje i da se ne mogu isključiti?
ali nadam se da pričaju na engleskom, pošto sam pre ovoga skinuo sinhronizovano na poljski... ._.

son of man said...

Da, ovo je na engleskom, samo je titl shvedski, jedva sam ga iskopo.

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