Thursday, February 25, 2010

Laibach - Das Spiel Ist Aus (2004) CDS

"Das Spiel Ist Aus promoting both WAT and the newer Laibach Anthems though it is presented in a new remix form. The difference is quite noticeable and the general pace and intensity of the song has increased. Milan's vocal part has been filtered and certain other elements have been made more obvious or altered in some way; overall it's a step in the right direction as the original was possibly a bit too laid back. One minor issue concerning the rather bland background vocals, there's no obvious improvement; I had always felt it is one of the weaker elements of a rather good track. The CD single features no less than seven versions, amongst the remixes the original WAT version and a live performance."

Single: Das Spiel Ist Aus
Release Date: 13th September 2004

1. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Remix)
2. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Album Version)
3. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Mix)
4. Das Spiel Ist Aus (DJ Bizzy Mix)
5. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Instrumental Mix)
6. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Live)
7. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Alternate Album Version)


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